A Big ‘Ol Thank You!

Hey I just have to take a minute and thank some folks who are always there, at almost every show. They are supportive not only by being there, but also financially too!
I hope I don’t leave anybody out, but here goes. First off, Glen Osborne. Glen was there in the beginning always with words of encouragement. Michael Sirois better known as “Pachebo”, was there for every “Street Jelly” show, and when he was banned from the site (long story), it caused me to go in my own direction setting up live streaming on this site. Pamela Gruhlke, oh what a fantastic voice and despite some health issues, she’s at almost every show! George and Mary Ray Welden, always there and I went to school with both of them. George inspired me to write “Class of 69”. Speaking of schoolmates…Steve Teal who attends, tips, and wears out SoundCloud! Ditch, or Jim Young, always there (unless he falls asleep) and a great talent in his own rite. And Sharon Dickinson, from over on the left coast, a super talent also. Songwriter, singer, frequents shows and a great tipper!

There are so many more, but these deserve “special recognition” and my heartfelt THANKS!
Don’t forget you’re invited to the “Live” show almost every Tuesday and Thursday nights 10:30pm EDT right here
on this site.

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